A128 Advanced Jadeite Jade Diploma Course
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Catering to the demands of jadeite jade lovers, jewellery practitioners, and FGA or GIA-GG gemmologists, Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited (AGIL) offers the Advanced Jadeite Jade Diploma course, a comprehensive professional course for studying jadeite jade. While offering students a pure study environment free from jewellery trade and commercial interest, the course helps students grow into a shrewd jadeite jade lovers by systematically mastering advanced relevant knowledge step by step, fully elevating jadeite jade identification capability as backed with pragmatic identifying knacks.

Course Introduction

Here, more than 500 jadeite jade samples are available to help students gain hand-on testingexperience. In addition, each student can get access to a set of testing equipments including advanced Motic gem microscope, and learn how to use cathode luminometer, US-made Nicolet FTIR spectrometer, German-made Bruker FTIR jadeite jade spectrometer, US-made laser-raman spectrometer and ultraviolet-visible spectrometer to conduct advanced testing.

Course Content
  1. Elementary geology and mineralogy on jadeite jade.
  2. Application of polarizing microscope in jadeite jade section analysis.
  3. What is jadeite jade and Kosmochlor?
  4. Omphacite – relations between jadeite jade and black-jadeite jade.
  5. Testing practice of purple jadeite jade.
  6. Testing practice of yellow jadeite jade.
  7. Introduction to jadeite jade grading system and the application of the AGIL jadeite jade appraisal system.
  8. Finger-print spectrum of Jadeite jade via advanced diffuse reflection FTIR spectrometer and the test on MIR/NIR resin.
  9. Jadeite jade testing by advanced laser-raman spectrometer.
  10. Color evaluation with advanced ultraviolet-visible spectrometer.
  11. Chemical composition analysis with advanced X-ray spectrometer and electronic probe.
  12. Jadeite jade testing standard.




Tuition Fee
Pay in full: HK$14,800 (including color-printing teaching materials).
Commencement Date:
12 classes, 2.5 hours each class, 30 hours in total (exclusive extra practice time is offered free of charge)
Cantonse (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
students enrolling in this course must have studied A305 course