A111 DGA Gem Diamond Diploma Course
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Consisting of theoretic training and practical guidance, the globally-recognized A111 DGA Gem Diamond Diploma Course is designed to cater to the actual needs of DGA Gem Diamond Diploma test, which is comprised of a 3-hour theoretic test for five theoretic questions and a 2.5-hour practical test for testing and grading 14 diamonds (including diamonds, treated diamonds and diamond imitations). Those who successfully pass the test will be awarded with diamond certificate that is valid in the global community and DGA Diamond Diploma. Moreover, they are also allowed to apply to Gem-A for DGA status as a sign of highly respected diamond expert.

Course Introduction

Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited (AGIL) took the lead in exclusively introducing DGA Diamond Diploma course from Gem-A as early as 1993 in Hong Kong. A-111 DGA Gem Diamond Diploma Course will provide students with exclusive color-printing Gem-A teaching materials in Chinese, as well as English and Chinese versions of examination papers and standard answer sheets of all official DGA Gem Diamond Diploma tests held by Gem-A in previous years. Besides, examination papers and answer sheets for series of tests held in four stages, theoretical sample tests, practical sample tests will be offered to students too. Physical materials like sample diamonds certified by Gem-A 4C Grading System and two sets of GIA diamond color master-stones will be extended to students to help them make best preparations for the high-end test.

Course Content
  1. Distribution and mining of diamond deposits around the world, diamond geology and crystalline.
  2. Diamond physics, photology, cutting and polishing.
  3. The formation of natural color diamond and grading standards of fancy color diamond.
  4. Introduction and identification of color alteration of irradiated-diamond, application and on-site demonstration of ultraviolet-visible spectrometer.
  5. The producing and identification of HPHT/CVD synthetic diamonds.
  6. Identification  of glass-filled diamonds and laser drilling diamonds.
  7. Provision of more than 200 diamonds (loose diamonds and mounted diamonds) for diamond 4C grading and evaluation practice.
  8. Identification of moissanite, cubic zirconia, strontium titanate, and other 20 species of diamond simulants.
  9. On-site demonstration by DiamondSure™ diamond spectrographical identification machine. 
  10. On-site demonstration by advanced laser-raman spectrometer. 
  11. On-site demonstration by Ia and Ib FTIR spectrometer.
  12. Application and on-site demonstration of exclusive cathode luminescence equipment. 



Tuition Fee
HK$23,800 totally, or paid in three installments, namely HK$6,268 each.Students should pay £1,360 as total sum of Gem-A examination fee and administrative fee. Students sitting for test in Chinese should pay extra £50 for translation.
Commencement Date:
Approximate 50 sessions (6-9 months)
Cantonse (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
only those who have studied A103 Advanced Diamond 4C Grading Course are allowed to attend this course