A1036 Diamond 4C Grading Practical
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Course Introduction

As the first part of compulsory courses leading to the Gem-A’s DGA Diamond Diploma, A103 Diamond 4C Grading Practical Course is imparted in small classes for better teaching result, and focuses on diamond 4C grading system recognized by GIA and CIBJO as well as highly pragmatic grading technologies for loose diamond and mounted diamond. In addition to a set of grading  facilities including advanced gemmological microscope, each student will be provided with two sets of GIA diamond color master-stones, and the practical opportunity of operating the famed Sarin DiaMensiohn diamond computer-aided proportion analyzer, diamond computer-aided color analyzer during the class. Under the instruction of professional tutors and given sufficient practice time, students can master the diamond 4C grading technology and improve diamond testing and appraising capability within a short period of time. This course is a required one for both jewellery professionals and diamond enthusiasts.

Course Content

1.  Globally-recognized GIA and CIBJO diamond 4C grading system.

2.  Availability of 100 stones (0.30ct-0.60ct) for diamond 4C grading practice.

3.   Training on clarity grading practice and clarity sketch drawing

       (assisted by microscope and 10x lens).

4.  Color grading practice on loose diamonds and mounted diamonds,

       (assisted by GIA diamond color master-stones).

5.   Computer-aided color grading practice on loose diamonds and mounted diamonds.

6.   Carat measurement practice, (assisted by six methods including electronic scale and digital gauge).

7.   Cut grading practice, (assisted by microscope, 10x lens, and computer-aided proportion analyzer).

8.   Exclusive Sarin DiaMension practice, hearts & arrows proportion analyzer training. 

9.   Grading over laser drilled and filled diamonds.

10. Introduction to GIA Cut Estimator on diamond grading, on site demonstration .

11. Introduction to the latest USA Rapaport diamond quotation system.

12.  Introduction to Da Vinci Diamond Code of Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited.



Tuition Fee
Pay in full: HK$12,990
Commencement Date:
8+4 classes, 3 hours each class
Cantonse (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
no special requirement (preference will be given to those who have studied A1016 course before).