Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited - Development Milestones and Prospects

1983 - Establishment of AGIL

Established in Hong Kong in 1983, Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited (AGIL), formally known as Asian Gemmological Laboratory, started to teach Gem-A FGA gemmology diploma courses in English, and also provided gemmology courses in both Cantonese and English.

1985 - 1st FGA Graduate

The first student of FGA gemmology diploma course graduated from AGIL in 1985, Mr. Alan Cheng (the second from left), obtained the internationally recognized FGA gemmologist qualification. This marks the first firm step of AGIL in its path of gemmological education and is recognized as a milestone for AGIL’s future prosperity in education.

1987 - Establishment of Macao Branch

In 1987, AGIL set up its Macao branch start teaching gemmology courses, and trained the first FGA gemmologist for Macao. Since then, numerous students of AGIL successfully obtained the FGA qualifications, and AGIL also helped to establish Gemmological Association of Macao.


AGIL started to teach jewellery design course.

1989 - Jewellery Manufacturing Courses

AGIL took up the jewellery manufacturing courses as early as in 1989, taught the traditional goldsmith technique. Equipments for goldsmith processing included the working bench, rolling mill, and hand drill, etc. Students were required to complete a jewellery manufacturing project for final exam.



AGIL started to teach the gem cutting course

1991 - Establishment of Myanmar Branch

The founding of the Myanmar branch school and the restoration of the FGA diploma exam which was last held in Yangon 28 years previously.

In 1991, Mr. Dominic Mok of AGIL was invited to deliver a lecture on gemmology at the ceremony celebrating the founding of Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China and was offered to be an advisor of the Association.

1992 - Won the World No.1 Award

One of the AGIL student won the world best candidate in the FGA gemmology diploma examination and was awarded the Tully Medal and Anderson Prize.

1993 - the First in Hong Kong

AGIL is the first laboratory that issued the jadeite jade testing report together with the results of the FTIR spectrometer test in Hong Kong. It is the first laboratory in Hong Kong that tested precious gemstones using advanced equipments such as X-ray fluorescence analysis, electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope.

In 1993, It is also the first Institute to introduce Gem Diamond Diploma DGA courses of Gem-A to Hong Kong and invited reknown Gem-A's gemmologist Eric Emms, taugh the first DGA class in Hong Kong.

1995 - Graduate from the Geology Department of Sun Yat-Sen University

With his thesis of “Characteristics and Identification on Gem Quality Type A, B Jadeite Jade”, Mr. Dominic Mok graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University with distinction and obtained the Master’s Degree in Geology, making himself the first one from Hong Kong who was granted that degree by Sun Yat-Sen University in this major.


To celebrate the golden jubilee (50th) of the Gemmological Association of Australia, Principal Mok was invited to give tour-lectures on gemmology in four locations of Australia for 2 weeks times.

1997 - Won the World No.1

One student of AGIL won the world in the DGA examination and was awarded the Bruton Medal.

2001 - Collaboration with Wai Kiu College

AGIL is the first gemmological institute that collaborates with a secondary school to provide the training courses on jewellery products and offer scholarship of Gemmology for foundation courses to students at Form Five and Form Six, aiming to create a platform for the students to learn professional jewellery knowledge apart from their basic courses. Consequently, the training courses not only enhanced the students’ knowledge of jewellery, but also provided them with an excellent opportunity of career development after they graduated. Mrs. Fanny Law, JP, the Secretary for Education and Manpower, wrote an open letter to Principal Mok and AGIL to speak highly of the his efforts.

2005 - First in Hong Kong

As an authoritative laboratory in jewellery testing in Hong Kong, AGIL has been endeavouring to forge ahead to make more achievements. In 2005, it became the first gemmological laboratory in Hong Kong granted with the HOKLAS ISO/IEC 17025 by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and reached the advanced level of the global accredited laboratory community.


For three consecutive years from 2005 to 2007, students of AGIL attained performance “Distinction” in all categories of the DGA Gem Diploma in Asian Region, and those with that attainment accounted for half of the total in the world.


AGIL took the lead in introducing the advanced German Diffuse Reflectance FTIR Spectrometer, the USA Laser Raman Spectrometer and Cathode-luminescence Unit to Hong Kong for gem testing and research.

2008 - Gemmological Symposium Celebrating the Silver Jubilee 25th Anniversary of AGIL

To celebrate the Silver Jubilee 25th Anniversary of AGIL, a Professional gemmological symposium was held, for which reknown gemmologist from China, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Thailand and Japan were invited to deliver speeches

July 2009 - Ranked the First in the World

Ms. Maggie HO, a student of AGIL, ranked the first in the world in the DGA practical examination of Gem-A held in June 2009, which was the third time that an AGIL student had won this reputation. To commemorate this, Gem-A set up a new prize called “The Dominic Mok Diamond Prize” with the name of Principal Mok, and invited him to London to grant this prize to Ms. Maggie HO at the Goldsmith Hall on October 19, 2009.

2010 - Translation Committee of the Chinese Version of Gem-A Gemmology Notes

Entrusted by Gem-A and working as the master translator, Principal Mok led the Translation Committee of the Chinese Version of Gem-A Gemmology Notes to work out the Chinese version of the teaching materials for the new Foundation courses and Diploma courses on gemmology published in 2009, thus solving the problem that the Chinese students had been using different teaching materials for long time and opening a new chapter for the education on Gem-A gemmology in Chinese.


Upon the invitation of the Scottish Gemmological Association, Principal Mok introduced the current development of jewellery testing in Hong Kong in the annual conference held in early May 2011 and taugh a workshop on jadeite (feicui) testing, as well as presented a large number of jade samples in the workshop.


In 2012, gemmologists of the Myanmar Gems and Jewellery Entrepreneurs Association (MGJEA) fly from Myanmar to Hong Kong, attended the tailor-made advanced gem testing course provided by AGIL. When the course was concluded, Principal Mok took a group picture with the gemmologists from Myanmar and granted them the certificate.

Principal Mok was invited by the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) to give a presentation on jadeite jade appraisal and testing in an AGA conference held in Tucson, Arizona of the US, in February 2012. More than 200 people participated in the conference and shared ideas on jadeite jade appraisal with world-renowned gemmologists.

2013 - 30th Anniversary AGIL 2013 International Gemmological Conference

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of AGIL, eleven world famous gemmologists was invited to participate the AGIL 2013 International Gemmological Conference to explore the latest and the most professional gemmological knowledge in the industry, so as to enable all attendees would gain a deeper insight into the gems and gemmology knowledge.


In 2014 June, AGIL granted with the ISO/IEC 17025 by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B).


In order to provide better service to testing client as well as making more comfortable classrooms to students, in 2015, AGIL moved to a new place in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, HK, set up hi-tech testing and teaching centre.


In 2016, Principal Mok was awarded by the Earth Science Department of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) as Honorary Assistant Professor. Professor LS Chan presented the letter of appointment to Mr. Mok.


AGIL took the lead in introducing 360 rotation self spinning photo in the internet check cert system, and it is the national first in gem testing laboratory.


Doctor of Business Administration

Principal MOK was awarded a doctorate in business administration from Apollo University in the United States, which proves that Dr Mok has outstanding performance in academic research and leadership.







2021 New FGA/DGA Gemology/Diamond Science ODL Global Exclusive Chinese Online Course





AGIL 38rd Annual Dinner and FGA/DGA Diploma Presentation Ceremony Ms.Vivian Wong,a student of AGIL won the world best candidate in the FGA examination 2020. She was also awarded the Anderson-Bank Prize.


AGIL 40th Annual Dinner and FGA/DGA Diploma Presentation Ceremony Ms.Livy Leung,a student of AGIL won the world best candidate in the DGA examination 2023. She was also awarded the Bruton Medal and Deeks Prize.