Andrea Pawlyna


    Andrea Pawlyna (on the left) and Dr.Mok in a photo taken at the Asian Gemmological Institute on December 30,2023.


I earned my FGA and DGA from Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Ltd (AGIL) more than 30 years ago. I was an American journalist in Hong Kong and used what I learned to write about the gem and jewellery trade in Asia. The course paid for itself many times over in the many magazine and newspaper articles that I was commissioned to write. Dr. Mok was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and a renowned expert in his field, especially jadeite. I looked forward to going to every class. He constantly drilled us in the theoretical and practical aspects of gem identification. His extensive inventory of gemstones gave us plenty of raw materials with which to practice our identification skills. I remember being extremely well prepared for the FGA and DGA examinations. There was also a wonderful camaraderie among the students. One memorable experience was travelling to China for a weekend field trip where we learned the basics of diamond cutting. I treasure the 20-point diamond I cut myself and had it set in a necklace that I still wear proudly today.




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