A107 FGA Gemmology Diploma Course
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Focusing on well-conceived key teaching methods, A107 FGA Gemmology Diploma Course is aimed to impart both advanced gemmological theory and practical skills to students. In addition to Chinese-version Gem-A standard teaching materials as well as intensive reading materials and sample-answers for the examinations, each student will be assigned with a set of instrument-kit to practice how to practice on various gems (in total, more than 4000 A-Z gem specimens are provided in the class).

Course Introduction

The UK originated FGA Gemmology Diploma Course is a professional course leading to the qualification of internationally certified gemmologist. Through studying this course, students can comprehensively master scientific knowledge on gemmology, and accurately identify the odd ones from authentic ones by resorting to various testing equipments. The holder of FGA Gemmology Diploma is entitled to apply for the title of internationally recognized gemmologist in the Fellowship of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, the globally recognized certificate awarding authoritative institution.


A107 FGA Gemmology Diploma Course is an upgraded course of A106 FGA Foundation Gemmology Course. Besides the English and Chinese version teaching materials provided by Gem-A, various unique teaching materials created by Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited are also offered to students, including multiple practical times, test papers for different study stages with related standard answer sheets, FGA Gemmology Diploma sample papers and graded answer sheets. In addition, students on recommendation of AGIL can sit for FGA Gemmology Diploma Examination.

Course Content

Gemmological appraisal training:

On all gems covered by FGA Gemmology Foundation Course and various natural gems, synthetic stones, doublet stones, treated gems, glass imitations and plastics, including andalusite, apatite, calcite, diopside, gypsum, kyanite, prehnite, pyrite, scapolite, shell, sinhalite, sodalite, sphene, spodumene, steatite, tortoiseshell.


Gemmological theory

On all theories covered by FGA Gemmology Foundation Course and other advanced theories, including:

Gem color, diamond integrated information, gem treatment/enhancement, the form and classification of inclusion, fluorescence effect, infrared reflectometer, conductometer, electricity conductor, seven manufacture methods for synthetic stones, advanced usage method of refractometer, advanced usage method of spectroscopic lens, various advanced  testing technologies, etc.  


According to the standards of Gem-A exam system, students are required to complete the following four requirements with eligible results before they are deemed to finish the course:

  • Finish the online assessments required by Gem-A (accounting for 16% of total score)
  • Finish course-end test paper one and theoretic test – 2.5 hours (accounting for 42% of total score)
  • Finish course-end test paper two and theoretic test – 2.5 hours (accounting for 42% of total score)
  • Finish course-end test paper three and practical test –3 hours and 15 mins (accounting for 100 % of total score)

Submit the practice workbook endorsed by AGIL to Gem-A for final assessment


Tuition Fee
HK$29,990, or paid in three installments, namely HK$9,990 each.Students should pay £1,140 as total sum of Gem-A registration, examination fee and postage fee (May, 2014). Students sitting for test in Chinese should pay extra £35 for translation.
Commencement Date:
Approximate 66 sessions (6-9 months)
Cantonse (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
only those who have studied A106 FGA Gemmology Foundation Course are allowed to attend this course.