Two Days Special Training Course Natural and Culture Pearl Appreciation and Testing


Two Days Special Training Course


Natural and Culture Pearl Appreciation and Testing 


SpeakerProfessor Dr. H.A. Hänni, FGA

Asian Gemmological Institute and Laboratory Limited(AGIL) is very honored to have internationally renowned gemological experts Professor Dr. H.A. Hänni, FGA,in 11th January 2017 and 12th January 2017 (Wednesday and Thursday) for two days special Training Course “Natural and Culture Pearl Appreciation and Testing” Completion of the course awarded a certificate of award, come and opportunities, first-served basis, Do not miss!  
Natural Pearl
Formation of shells, freshwater and saltwater, growth, konchyolin, calcite, aragonite, nacre. Formation of natural pearls. The capacity of mantle tissue. Natural pearls and blisters. Cross-sections. Nacreous and non nacreous pearls. The micro-structure of nacre. Pearls of bivalves and marine snails (conch & melo), abalone etc. The quality of pearls: size, shape, colour, surface, lustre, match. Examples of natural pearls.
Cultured Pearl 1
Formation of cultured pearls, the principle. Shell species, types of cultured pearls, beaded, non-beaded, freshwater, saltwater, possible combinations, production of shells, production of tissue grafts. Freshwater cultured pearls in China, beadles and beaded. Saltwater bead-cultured pearls in Japan: Akoya. Bead cultured pearls in middle east, bead cultured pearls in China. South Sea P. maxima in Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Philippines.


Cultured Pearl 2
South Sea P. margaritifera in Tahiti (Aratika and Rangiroa) production, maintainance, crop. Red Sea cultured pearls, Mexican cultured pearls. Perals on the market. Bead rejection, real and so called keshi. Cultured pearl cross sections. Bead materials, incl. baroque beads. Outlook on pearl branding. Literature list.

Pearl Testing
Pearl testing in workshop and laboratory. Chemical tests, Mn test and consequences. Colour authenticity. LA-ICPMS. X-ray shadow pictures. X-micro-tomography, age determination.


Discussion & Questions
Discussion of cases part. Mixed cases as pictures for an interpretation by the course attendants. Solution is given by the next slide.















Date11th January & 12 January 2017 (Wednsday&Thursday)

Time10am – 5:30pm

VenueAGIL – Training Centre

LanguageEnglish (with Chinese)


Course FeeHK$3,680(included lunch)

Speacial For Two students @HK$3,380 each