DES – AGIL 2018/19 International Gemmological Conference Speaker - Dr. Dominic Mok



Dr. Dominic Mok

Title of Presentation

The Taiwanese Jade and the Italian Omphacite



Dr. Dominic Mok


Founder & Principal of AGIL

Expert Gemmologist


The professional biography:

Dr. Dominic Mok, the founder and current Principal of the Asian Gemmological Institute & Laboratory Limited (AGIL), possesses 40 years of experience in the jewellery trade and is both a professional geologist and accredited expert gemmologist. Dr. Mok has espoused “Integrity” as AGIL’s mission from the beginning and he strictly adheres to the ethical principle of not being involved in jewellery trading. He utilises advanced, high-tech instruments in his gem testing and annual jewellery audit appraisal services. All clients’ relevant information is kept strictly confidential.


Dr . Mok and his testing team members have accomplished a number of “firsts” in gem testing in Hong Kong. In the spring of 1993, AGIL issued the first ever Jadeite Testing Report in Hong Kong using an Infrared Spectrometer. Dr. Mok has always devoted himself to raising the bar in Hong Kong gem testing. He has conducted research on Fei Cui, diamonds and rubies, and published his research articles in different media. In January 2005, Dr. Mok led AGIL to further professional recognition. AGIL was the first gemmological laboratory in Hong Kong granted HOKLAS ISO/IEC 17025


The abstract of the talks

Taiwan has a long history of producing jade, but it is a rare opportunity to experience mining in the primary jade deposit. This Taiwan jade is a specialty of Hualian, Taiwan. Our speaker will discuss the physical and optical properties of Taiwan jade, its color varieties, and especially its cat's eye variety which is beautiful and brilliant. In recent years, omphacite was found near the top of Monviso mountain, Italy. Our speaker will briefly introduce the physical and optical properties of this Omphacite.