DES – AGIL 2018/19 International Gemmological Conference Speaker - Prof. Chan Lung Sang




Prof. Chan Lung Sang

Title of Presentation

'Jade' artefacts discovered in Neolithic archeological sites in Hong Kong: their mineralogy and origin.


The professional biography:

Prof Chan Lung Sang is currently honorary professor of the Department of Earth Sciences as well as head of two community colleges owned by HKU. He received his bachelor degree from CUHK and his Masters and PhD in geology and geophysics from University of California-Berkeley. He taught geology at the University of Wisconsin for 10 years before he joined The University of Hong Kong 24 years ago. His research interests include geology of Hong Kong, tectonic history of South China and applied geophysics. He chaired the Geological Society of Hong Kong during 2001-2005, and received the first University Distinguished Teaching Award by The University of Hong Kong in 2010.


The abstract of the talks

Numerous artefacts have been unearthed from the Neolithic age archeological sites around Hong Kong over the years. Often these artefacts were labeled either stones or ‘jade’ in study reports. Rarely, however, are these ‘jade’ artefacts made from the minerals jadeite or nephrite. The studies reported here aimed to identify the composition and mineralogy of the ‘jade’ artefacts as well as their possible provenance. The findings have also shed lights on the extent of trade and communication of the local people during the Neolithic time.