ABCD Gem Testing Set


The “ABCD Gem Testing Set” consists of 13 pieces of essential conventional instruments for gem testing. It is easy to carry and can be assembled in different ways for various applications.


Instruments included :-

1.     AGIL – smart polariscope         

2.     Darkfield adaptor for B-Light

3.     Rotating plate for polariscope

4.     C-D Loupe    

5.     UV blacklight 365 (long wave)

6.     Reflective diffuse block

7.     B-Light™ Diffuse adaptor

8.      B-Light™ Incandescent standard bulb light

9.     Stainless Steel Tweezers

10. High class 4 claw stone holder

11. Conoscope glass sphere

12. Lanyard (black string) 

13.  Gem cloth