DES – AGIL 2018/19 International Gemmological Conference Speaker - Nysa Pradhan




Nysa Pradhan

Title of Presentation

Are Diamonds Forever?

The growing need for education in the gems and jewellery industry.


The professional biography:

Nysa Pradhan CMgr MCMI, is the Head of Education for the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. She is a Chartered Manager from the Chartered Management Institute in the UK with a distinguished executive management career spanning more than 10 years with a range of profit and not-for-profit organisations. She started her career in research consulting and project management, before moving into the education sector where she has many years of experience in managing educational programmes for a number of professional and vocational training institutions, with global operations. Nysa has a double Masters; a MA in Educational Leadership from University College London (UCL) and an MBA from University of West London. She is also a Certified Management Consultant from the Institute of Business Consulting and is a certified public speaker.


The abstract of the talks

In this talk, Nysa will discuss the ever increasing need for education amidst the current landscape and rapid changes within the industry and its consumer-base. Nysa will share her thoughts on what gem education, solid product knowledge about the wonder and the science of gems and a new attitude of the industry towards the consumer can do to address some of the recent challenges and changing landscape of the gem and jewellery industry.