The 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner of the Asian Gemological Institute and FGA/DGA Diploma Awarding Ceremony as well as The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the APGS

The 40th Annual Dinner of Asian Gemmological Institute & Laboratory Ltd. (AGIL)

FGA/DGA Gemmology Diploma Presentation Award,

The 10th Anniversary Ceremony of Asia Pacific Gemmologist Society (APGS)


AGIL Asian Gemmological Institute & Laboratory Ltd. hosted a spectacular evening on September 18, 2023, to commemorate its 40th anniversary. The event featured the Diploma Award ceremony for FGA/DGA graduates and the 10th anniversary celebration of the Asia Pacific Gemologist Society. The guest list included representatives from the Hong Kong Consumer Council, the Employees Retraining Board (ERB), leaders from the jewellery industry, academic elites, as well as students and friends, totaling 500 attendees.


The evening commenced with a reception for the guests at 6:30 PM, followed by the official program at 7:00 PM. Dr. Dominic Mok, Principal of AGIL, delivered a warm and enthusiastic welcome speech. Distinguished guests of honor included Mr. Alan Hart, CEO of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain Gem-A, Professor Chan Lung Sang, Honorary Professor of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Hong Kong (DES of HKU), and Dr. CHAN Pak Li, Bernard, JP, Under Secy for Commerce & Econ Dev of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. They congratulated the institute and acknowledged its remarkable achievements.


During his opening speech, Dr. Mok announced exciting news. Miss Livy Leung, a recent graduate, achieved the highest score globally in the Gem-A Diamond Diploma examination, surpassing numerous candidates. This marks the institute's sixth time producing a world's best candidate in its 40-year history. Dr. Mok also announced that Miss Kelly Fu, another graduating student and renowned actress, became the first artist in the Hong Kong entertainment industry to achieve excellent results in the Gem-A Global Gemology Diploma examination. These accomplishments bring honour and pride to the institute, showcasing AGIL's excellence in gemmological education. Dr. Mok presented the Best Student Awards to Livy Leung, Rachael Chan, and Kelly Fu in recognition of their outstanding performances.


Photo 1: AGIL 40th Annual Gala Dinner and FGA/DGA Diploma Award Ceremony. Distinguished guest of Honours: The Principal, Dr. Dominic Mok (third from left), Mr. Alan Hart, CEO of the Gem-A (second from left), Professor Chan Lung Sang, Honorary Professor of the DES HKU (third from right), and the recipients of the Best Student Awards: Livy Leung (first from left), Rachael Chan (second from right), and Kelly Fu (first from right).


Subsequently, the FGA/DGA Diploma Award Ceremony took place to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of 150 students in the field of gemmology over the past two years. This was the highest recognition for their hard work and an important milestone on their learning journey. Afterwards, everyone gathered for a group photo to commemorate the occasion. After the group photo, a toast was raised to celebrate the AGIL’s 40th anniversary, reflecting on its journey and looking ahead to future development. The 10th anniversary of the Asia Pacific Gemmologist Society also stood out as a significant highlight of the evening, bringing together the blessings and expectations of esteemed individuals in the field of gemmology.


Photo 2: Group photo of distinguished guests and faculty members and graduates.


Photo 3: AGIL's staff and the Executive Committee of the Asia Pacific Gemologist Society,
honorary presidents and academic advisors raising a toast to hundreds of guests.


During the AGIL 40th Annual Gala dinner, guests participated in the "Star Voice Singing Contest" and a lucky draw, adding a joyful atmosphere with music. Lucky winners received generous prizes.


The AGIL's 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner, FGA/DGA Diploma Award Ceremony, and the 10th anniversary celebration of the Asia Pacific Gemmologist Society were a joyful and significant events. Through this event, the institute showcased its achievements and contributions over the years while looking ahead to future development. This marked an important milestone for the institute and the gemmological community, laying a solid foundation for its future growth.