A138 Contemporary Jewellery Design Course
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Eligible applicants can be refunded as high as 80% of paid, maximum of HK $10,060 will be reimbursed. tuition No.: 22Z04342-3  School No.: 639
* 本課程已加入持續進修基金可獲發還款項課程名單內
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Course Introduction
By means of multiple training exercises designed and arranged in an elaborative way,
the course is aimed to impart the core techniques of jewellery design to students, so as to help them draw up the creative design of jewellery in their mind and effectively convey their innovative ideas to the customers in need. The course can enable students to understand how to integrate significant steps like concept creation, design organization, design drawing and cost control as a whole during the process of jewellery design.
Course Content
  1. Introduction to basic jewellery products
  2. Art tendency of modern jewellery design culture
  3. Essential of jewellery design principle
  4. Design drawing, description and coloration skills of the gems
  5. Types and styles of gem-inlays/mounting
  6. Jewellery perspective drawing method
  7. Expression skills of planar graph and space diagram
  8. Evolution of ring circle and surface texture
  9. Example analysis of ring design
  10. Drawing skills for ring with triple projections
  11. Application of JewelCAD in jewellery design
  12. Application of Photoshop in jewellery design
  13. Samples of jewellery design – drawing practice of set-jewellery design
  14. Presentation skills for jewellery photography
  15. Jewellery cost estimation and valuation skill
  16. On-site demonstration of jewellery manufacture
  17. Presentation skills for impromptu jewellery design to customers on site
  18. Examination requirements and sample analysis of each test item




Tuition Fee
HK$12,600 (the tuition will be reduced to $2,540 if the applicant is awarded with the maximum refund)
Commencement Date:
Cantonse (Optional in English, please call for commencement date)
Secondary 5 or above with one year of relevant working experience is preferable.